How we work

At Winnellie Group, we understand that there are many moving parts to creating a successful and growing business. That’s why we concentrate our efforts into fve key areas that bond together so we can meet the demands of our internal and external stakeholders, and long term company objectives.

Our People

Our staff are the very foundation of Winnellie Group and we are extremely fortunate to have a national network of highly skilled, passionate, dedicated and experienced people working with us. We deeply value and appreciate the hard work they do every day to operate, maintain and proudly represent the Winnellie brand.

The executive team at Winnellie Group make sure our people understand that we emphasise the importance of having a healthy work-life balance, because job satisfaction is an integral key to our personal happiness.

Our Culture

At Winnellie Group, the importance of our employees’ needs and expectations is met with the same enthusiasm that we dedicate to our customers.

We create and promote an inclusive working environment where our people’s safety, well-being, and growth are of the highest priority. Working for Winnellie Group means you are a part of a work ethic of trust, honesty and loyalty. We encourage personal growth within our business because your success is our success.

We believe that the communities we operate in indirectly help our business goals. That’s why as part of our business model, we understand our social responsibilities to our community and actively look to support groups in our surrounding regions.

Our Customers

We value our long-standing relationship with our customer base. Part of our onboarding process is an evaluation criteria ensuring our potential customers are a good fit from a values perspective as part of our partnership we expect respect, integrity, support and accountability to be demonstrated in all dealings as a guide for us to achieve our shared goals off delivery on time, on budget, every time. We listen to our customers needs and strive to provide value not just at a commercial level, but also as a partnership in the communities we operate in.

Our Equipment

While Winnellies’ roots are deeply planted in the foundational values of putting our customers needs first, without the best equipment this mantra is not scalable. It’s for this reason our Group is constantly monitoring the market for the best equipment available – ensuring from our remote offices to the busy work shop floor – our team are empowered to contribute to making Winnellie Group a safer, smarter and happier place to work each and every day.

Our Technology

We utilise the latest technological advancements in procurement, auditing, document management, certification and invoicing to allow direct, efficient connections between our business and our customers which defines how we communicate, collaborate and work together. We strive to ensure doing business with Winnellie Group is as smooth as possible, as we understand this investment is not only good for our customers, but for all stakeholders across the supply and service chain.