Our Approach

Our Mission

At Winnellie Group, our mission and values are to help people and business deliver excellence with a focus on safety, quality and sustainability.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to grow as a supply & service provider by adding value for our clients, people and the communities in which we work. This comprises the following key concepts:

  • Keep our people and operations safe and efficient by maintaining a visible safety culture and a focus on continuous improvement
  • Remain aware of our operations and maintenance capabilities, aligned with our clients’ objectives with safe, innovative and sustainable solutions to production challenges
  • Expand our geographical reach to better position our companies to assist further with client challenges, for enhanced safety, uptime, asset integrity and continuity of operations through advisory services and project solutions
  • Differentiate our support with market-leading customer service, delivering technical and commercial success for our clients throughout Australia and overseas
  • Continue to foster long-term relationships, working collaboratively with our clients and stakeholders

National Reach

Overcome the challenges associated with procurement, repairs or transport by entrusting a highly-skilled team who understand the complexity of working across some of the most remote regions in Australia.

Multi-Faceted Delivery

Because we operate across multiple time zones, we save time, increase availability and lower the quality risks that come with co-ordinating multiple deliveries. For this reason, we streamline our services so you need only deal with one supply and service provider. …One that understands the demands of your project or operation

Specialist Support

Receive the highest quality support through our team of Australia-wide technical specialists who consistently provide our customers peace of mind that support is never far away.

Catering to Jobs of All Sizes

Take advantage of our flexible approach to delivering excellence across multiple disciplines, coupled with a capability to handle simple one-off enquiries, up to large-scale project needs.

Striving Toward Success

We are constantly looking to improve the quality of our supply and service, by seeking feedback across all areas of our businesses to ensure our customers’ needs are heard and actioned quickly and efficiently.