The remote location of the onshore industry provides unique challenges for the supply and integration of industrial parts. To cater for this, we have customisable onsite stores available to mobilise critical tooling, consumables and equipment for purchase or hire, on consignment or on hire – off hire basis as required.

The benefits our Onsite Stores provide are:-

  • Streamlined supply chain management
  • Reduced procurement and logistics costs
  • Instant access to critical tools and components
  • Improved operational productivity
  • Confidence in the quality of products and services

This approach includes regular site visits by our a dedicated Winnellie Hydraulics Account Managers to ensure stocks are up to date, monthly invoicing is managed and any improvements are implemented upon clients request. Winnellie Group an industry recognised technical supply specialist with a comprehensive understanding regarding the theoretical and practical aspects of everything we sell and hire. For this reason we do not offer safety equipment, stationary or other items stocked by distribution warehouses, however will always look to accommodate requirements as needed on a case by case basis.

Please find the full range of products we supply to the Onshore industry detailed on the right of screen.